Some Of The Basic Procedures To Get Rid Of Rust From Your Kitchen Knife

If you do not take care of your knives, they’ll still rust even though they are superior quality stainless steel and carbon steel.

But don’t fret as we’ll give some pointers and tricks about issues with rust spots and even worse rust issues which you can apply to immediately get rid of the rust from your kitchen knife.

Don’t Place Your Kitchen Knives Over The Dishwasher

Before we dive right into the actual meat of getting rid of rust from your knives, it’s extremely important that we inform you to absolutely NEVER put your knives or your chef knives over the dishwasher.

It is the worst thing that might happen. Dishwashers are far too “heavy duty”, utilize really hot water at high pressures, and soak your knives in a wet surroundings – all of which are conducive to creating rust and destroying your kitchen knives as well.

This is not a position that you would like to find yourself in. Instead, hand wash your knives (it must only take around 30 seconds or so each time you make use of them) then appropriately drive them just before you put them away for storage. By doing this, you’re preventing your knives from rusting.

Get The Rust Off By Making Use Of Fresh Lemons

So far as learning how to take away rust from kitchen knife sets is involved, nothing works quite as immediately as slicing up a few fresh lemons (with the rusty knives themselves ), squeezing all of the fresh lemon juice out into a glass, and then soaking those rusty knives in the glass of lemon juice for as little as a few minutes and as long as an hour or so.

With this step, you can then simply clean off the rust in your knives after the lemon juice unbinds the rust particles on the blade.


Have potatoes lying around?

This might sound strange however by shoving the knives in a potato overnight, the rust are stripped away from it. There’s just something about the oxalic acid in potatoes which works to eliminate the rust, though it’s will take a little bit of time to do the “heavy lifting” for you.

Bar Keeper’s Friend is going to be your friend, too
Finally, through wiping the blades of a kitchen knife the “old-fashioned” method which is through utilizing a Bar Keepers Friend, the rust will be removed.

The rust will practically come off in your hands!